Rules are something on the wiki if you don't obey the rules, you're blocked or issued a warning. Rules

Basic rules

  • No swearing is allowed in the wiki because we need to make it safe for young viewers. And some users use the wiki for admin training and some wikis don't allow swearing.
    • although swearing isn't allowed, "ass", "asshole", "dumbass", "badass", "jackass", "smartass" stuff with "ass" such as "newass" or "weirdass", "arse", and "arsehole" are ok.
    • censoring words (such as "f***" or "s***") is ok.
    • If you do not know whether a word is acceptable, always ask a bureaucrat.
  • If you want to be an admin ask a bureaucrat.
  • No inappropriate pictures allowed.
  • You can create as many accounts as you want but you may not use the other ones to avoid blocks. If you're caught using them to avoid blocks, you will be blocked without a warning. Additionally, you must be honest if you are asked whether another account is yours.
  • No vandalism allowed on this wiki
  • If you share your age on the wiki, it must be your actual age. Due to Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), this wiki declares that you must be 13+ to edit. If we catch you claiming that you are under 13, you will be blocked until you reach age 13. You also won't get issued a warning.
    • If you are under 13 and act mature but hide your age, you can still work in the wiki. Just don't tell your age.
    • If you are 13 or older but have edited on Wikia when you were under 13, you will not be blocked because you have already passed the legal age.
  • The only page you can vandalise/edit randomly is the Vandalism free page as long as the basic rules are followed.
  • No spamming is allowed,except on the Spam free page.
  • trolling, insulting and flamebaiting are not allowed.
    • It's ok to use insults like "jerk", "dumbass", "idiot", and "moron".
  • anyone who violates the rules will get their admin rights removed for a week and a message saying that they have violated the rules.
  • No mini-modding is allowed only testing.
  • Low level profanity such as "hell", "damn", "piss", "retarded", and "crap" are ok in this wiki
  • no starting/baiting drama is allowed
  • no making unnecessary articles allowed
  • no plagiarism is allowed.
  • no links to inappropriate sites.
  • Images or videos that aren't related to the wiki or administration will be deleted and the user who uploaded it will get a warning or be blocked. However, users who uploaded them before May 18 2017 will not count. Users who make paintings can upload their paintings as well. You can also upload an image of your avatar.
    • You can also request to upload one not related to the wiki.
  • Do not edit the background or change the colours without approval from Cheetos8089.

Profile rules

  • No editing other user's profiles unless they give you permission.
  • No swear words allowed on profiles.
  • You may not make a page about yourself but you can make it on your profile.

Blocking rules

Main article:


Main article:

Bad examples


  • Double posting comments, making comments in a row, typing comments in all caps, posting gibberish, leaving off-topic comment


Good examples


  • Making page about yourself on profile instead of an article
  • Asking permission to edit a user's profile.

13+ age

  • Being age 13 or older to edit due to COPPA.