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Here are the rules for accounts.

Basic Account Rules

  • You may have up to seven accounts, no more than seven is allowed unless you ask permission from a bureaucrat.
  • If you used an account to get over a block in another wiki, you won't be blocked here unless you cause trouble in this wiki.
  • You may not use an account to get over a block.
    • If you have extra accounts and you are blocked, your extra accounts will be blocked as well.
  • If you're switching your account and have 7 already, let an admin know.
  • You must be honest if you're asked if an account is yours.
  • If you are accused as a sock, you will be blocked for a year with message wall privilege, until we get full proof you're not a sock.
  • You're not allowed to make an imposter account out of another user. If you are caught with an account impostering another user, you will be blocked for infinite immdediately with all your extra account.
  • If you're a sockpuppet, you will be blocked for infinite with no warning.